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Properties in Aradippou are located in a vibrant municipality located on the outskirts of Larnaca, Cyprus. List of Real Estate Properties in Aradippou by Cyprus Dream Homes company and registerested real estate agency in Cyprus since 1981.

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properties in aradippou

Aradippou, situated on the outskirts of Larnaca, Cyprus, has evolved into a thriving municipality, blending rich history with modern development. This transformation makes properties in Aradippou an attractive option for those looking to live in an area with deep historical roots and contemporary comforts. Established in 1986, this municipality is now considered the second-largest in Cyprus, with an extensive area of 42,982 square kilometers. This expansion and growth have significantly increased the demand for properties in Aradippou, highlighting its status as a growing community with a population of around 19,228 as of 2011.

The town’s rich historical tapestry, dating back to ancient and medieval times, adds a unique charm to properties in Aradippou. Its proximity to the ancient city of Kitio and the notable Rizaelia Forest offers residents a blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. The significant influx of refugees in 1974, following the Turkish invasion, doubled the population and diversified the cultural fabric of Aradippou, further enriching the community atmosphere around properties in Aradippou.

The municipality’s name, inspired by the mythical King Aradippos, encapsulates the town’s historical significance, making properties in Aradippou not just homes but pieces of a storied landscape. Today, Aradippou stands as a key connector in Cyprus’s road network, transitioning from its agrarian past to a more diversified economy and community lifestyle.

For individuals and families seeking a location that offers both historical depth and the potential for modern living, properties in Aradippou present an appealing opportunity. This blend of ancient legacy with the conveniences of contemporary life ensures that living in Aradippou is a unique experience, rooted in history but fully engaged with the present.

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